The Agrarian Collective is an earth to table lifestyle school that is rooted in the kitchen. We not only teach our students how to reconnect to the kitchen but also how to reconnect to the garden, the pantry and the table. We believe that eating is more than just nourishment for our bodies it is nourishment for our environment, our relationships and our communities. We teach our students how to think beyond a recipe by teaching lost skills of the home such as putting food up, planning a kitchen garden and building a table culture of their own. We teach our classes in collaboration with local farmers, chefs and artisans at various locations throughout Northeast Ohio. You might find yourself at a strawberry farm in Geauga County, learning how to make strawberry jam or at a community kitchen downtown, learning how to butcher a chicken properly. No matter where you take the class, you are assured to walk away with hands on knowledge and an experience unlike any other in Cleveland today.